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Sales Copy

If you’re like most entrepreneurs and businesses, you could probably use some help with your copywriting.

After all, in between managing the crush of your day-to-day responsibilities and making a payroll, writing copy is yet another task added to your workload.

Many people write their copy themselves or assign an employee to write it. Others might bring in an outside writer who’s good with words, but not necessarily an expert at crafting sales messages.

When your website isn’t producing the results you think it should, there’s a very good chance your copy is to blame.

Get an expert opinion

You may have a beautiful website, but is it making you money? Are your email blasts bringing in revenue? A copy critique of your key web pages, sales funnel and email series will systematically pinpoint gaps and opportunities to help you raise traffic, engagement and conversions.

Launching a new product? Save money by writing your own copy or hiring a journeyman copywriter. I’ll critique the copy (either in draft or finished form), tell you what the problems are and what you need to do to fix it.

Includes suggestions on copy, design, strategy, and offer, but not writing or rewriting copy. Critiques start at just $995.

Nail down your product positioning

If you hire freelancers or have in-house staff to create your marketing materials, your message can be all over the place. So how do you present a strong, consistent selling message across all of your marketing channels?

The answer is the “Sales Copy Platform.”

This is the central “master messaging document” from which you base all the rest of your sales support tools. This will save you unbelievable time and money by focusing your team on approved positioning, direction and messaging.

My comprehensive Sales Copy Platform is an essential component of my $10,000+ copywriting projects.

Whether we work together on a copywriting project or not, a Sales Copy Platform really should be the first marketing piece you create for any product you carry. Pricing is $2,995 for the Sales Copy Platform alone.