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Google Analytics

Most website owners are focused on getting their content out there and their sales pages published, but they don’t accurately monitor the key metrics of their site. The result? They have no idea how well their website is performing.

Get Google Analytics set up by a certified Expert

Google Analytics is an extremely powerful analytics program, but most businesses simply use the default settings and only scrape the tip of the iceberg. I can help you correctly install and customize the Google Analytics code INCLUDING THE ADVANCED OPTIONS so you’re set up to accurately analyze the most important (and sometimes hidden) metrics for your business.

Google Analytics Audit

Is your bounce rate surprisingly low (under 30%)? Are you using the Campaign Tags for internal links on your site? Do you Goals, Filters and Custom Views set up? If no, then you would definitely benefit from an Analytics Audit.

Our Analytics Audit covers 60 of the most commonly made mistakes that small business owners make when setting up Google Analytics.

Customized Dashboard with info that you need

Google Analytics can be an incredibly confusing piece of software. Have a custom coded dashboard that is updated in real time made for you with just the information you need.

This is done using Google’s cutting edge Data Studio and statistics are updated on demand. With this dashboard you’ll be able to see the most important statistics you need to know, 24/7 on demand.