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Time To Track Your Efforts

Since all goals should be measurable that includes the results you want to receive from your SEO efforts. After all, there is really no point doing something that doesn’t provide results, right? If you don’t know whether you’re seeing results from your work it will be harder to keep it up, and you could be wasting your time focusing on the wrong things. Therefore, set up everything you do with measurable goals that are easy to track so that you can get the information you need.  Continue reading “Time To Track Your Efforts”

It’s Not Just About SEO – How’s Your Conversion?

Search engine optimization theoretically will help with conversions. But, if you’re not testing and tracking you won’t really know if the SEO work that you’re doing is helping or not. The trick is to know what your goals are so that you know what results you’re expecting by your actions. When you work toward defining your goals as you optimize for search engines you’ll find that you get better results.

Let’s look at some possible goals and how to achieve them. Continue reading “It’s Not Just About SEO – How’s Your Conversion?”

Let’s Talk Social Signals

One factor that helps SEO today is social signals. Social signals are simply proof that shows how active you are on social media, how many people share your content, like your content, follow your content, and engage with your content. To get more social signals that show proof that you are popular you can go about it a lot of ways.

The benefits of social signals and social proof are clear. They drive traffic, help build links, boost domain authority and help your audience trust you. After all, if 6000 people like you and trust you, they will feel as if they should too. Continue reading “Let’s Talk Social Signals”

On-Site Ways To Boost Your Web Authority

Creating a website that is authoritative, relevant, and has amazing content is the first steps to boosting your web authority. Let’s look more deeply into this process so that you can ensure that your website looks and acts as an authoritative site.

Choose a Good Domain Name – It all starts with choosing a good domain name that includes at least one important keyword for your niche. For example, if you want to create a site for bird watchers putting the words bird watching into your domain or an acronym for bird watching will do wonders for your ranking.

Create Quality Content – Ensure that the content you put on your website is high quality, accurate, and speaks to your audience. Check it for errors, plagiarism, and of course grammar. Format it well, include well-optimized images, and make it look professional.

Optimize Your Content – Ensure you are using the right heading tags and HTML that helps your content appear the way it should to anyone reading it including the search bots. Use the right meta descriptions, title tags, and formatting.

Create Content People Want to Link To – People who are interested in your niche will want to link to your epic content. When you create long-form, epic, or cornerstone content think about who might want to use this content as a resource.

Develop Social Signals – When you add social sharing to your site, and it shows how many likes you have, how many shares you’ve had, and so forth that is a social signal that this content is valuable.

Link to Authority Sites – When you link out to authority sites about your niche topic then it will help your site become more known for the topic and more of an authority site too.

Post Consistently & Regularly – You don’t have to post daily if you don’t want to but you should post on a regular and consistent basis. Your audience will get used to you having new content to read, and the search engines will crawl your site more often as you update it.

Develop an Internal Linking Structure – Linking internally to relevant content in, around, and below content is a great way to not only lead your audience to read more and sticking on your site longer but it’s a good way to get more of your site crawled by the search bots.

Remove Bad Links – Links get broken and out of date. Keep your site up to date by checking for broken and out of date links often. You can get a plugin to help you with this process too.

Develop a Responsive Website – Your website needs to be responsive and work on any device otherwise the search engines will penalize you and so will your audience. Most people read on their mobile phones now.

Become the Authority in Your Niche – Write a book, give speeches, participate in roundtables and work toward becoming a known authority in your niche. When you are a known authority more people will link to you and find you.

Ensure Your Site Loads Fast – If your site takes too long to load you’ll suffer from more bounced visitors which will lower your ranking.

Boosting your web authority just entails being relevant, consistent, and accurate in the content that you provide to your audience while playing nice with others. This isn’t really hard stuff, in fact, if you go right now and update your pages to include these factors you’ll start to notice a difference in your traffic very quickly.

The Benefits Of Interlinking Your Site’s Content

Internal linking helps website navigation, defines website hierarchy, and distributes ranking power throughout the entire website. Internal linking strengthens your website by providing clear paths for search bots, keeping users on your site longer, and creates structure for your overall site.

When you create internal links for your website you’ll be using what is called anchor text. Anchor text simply means the words (or text) that have now been active to be a hyperlink and links to another page or part of your site within your website. An internal link never links to an outside site, only another page or part within your site.  Continue reading “The Benefits Of Interlinking Your Site’s Content”

Different Ways To Find Your Keywords & Phrases

There are many ways that people use to find keywords and keyword phrases. Of course, you start with using your imagination and knowledge about your audience. Write down the words that you believe they would search for and start there. Those words you come up with are called “seed” words. They may or may not be accurate for your use but you must start someplace. The different ways to find keywords and phrases are listed below.

Your Competition – There is a good way to find keywords using your competitor’s websites. Use the software at ( to spy on your competition and get the keywords they use. That’s a very good place to start because if your competition is successful they’ve already done the research.  Continue reading “Different Ways To Find Your Keywords & Phrases”

Helpful WordPress Plugins For SEO

Improving SEO sounds complicated, and make no mistake, it is involved, but with the right plugin, you can make it easier. Because it’s not hard to do, just time-consuming. Going through the process is very important and very fruitful but why not have a plugin to make it very simple? These plugins work great. Most of the time you only want one plugin at a time. Try each one to see if it works well for you but be sure to uninstall one before adding the other.

Yoast SEO – The premium version of this plugin for WordPress does so much that it’s become one of the most popular plugins for WordPress ever. This plugin can guide you through making your website and blog more search engine friendly. It helps you manage keywords, submit sitemaps, and more.

All in One SEO Pack – Because search engines are how you will receive a lot of your traffic it’s very important to implement search engine optimization tactics, but it can be confusing to do. If you want to stay organized, you can do it with this plugin. It’s an all-inclusive plugin as the name implies that will set up your site best for SEO.

The SEO Framework – This plugin is currently free and offers broad control over your SEO. You can set up your site to be very SEO friendly and it will give you help with keywords, customize your tagline, the title information, descriptions and more. This is a pretty powerful plugin even though it’s free and not as popular as the others.

JetPack by – This plugin is easy to use and can help you create sitemaps. Jetpack automatically creates sitemaps for your website that will work with Google Webmaster Tools and that Google Search loves.

SEO Squirrly – This plugin is being touted as SEO help for people who know nothing about SEO and don’t want to know. It takes the technical stuff out and lets a novice set up their site with the right optimization including helping you avoid keyword stuffing. It also offers some pretty awesome analytics.

WP Meta SEO – WordPress is already SEO friendly due to the code, and how it’s set up, but this plugin is worth a try due to the features it comes with. It has a powerful dashboard complete with permalink structure, meta titles, descriptions, HTML image resizing and so much more.

SEO Post Content Links – One thing that increases optimization and makes your website more interesting to a search engine and to your audience is how long your audience stays on your site. To get them to stay longer including internal linking helps. This plugin makes this more automated.

Smush Image Compression and Optimization – Large images can cause your site to slow down and this plugin seeks to help you with this problem by automatically compressing images according to your instructions within the bounds of the software.

There are more advanced tools that you can get from,, and other SEO oriented professional sites but all of these plugins listed work really well and can be used with great results.

Use Formatting To Boost Your SEO Score

A very important aspect of your blog posts, website content, and any online content is how it is formatted. Proper formatting doesn’t just help visually, it also helps behind the scenes with search engine optimization. Let’s look at a few tips to help you use formatting to boost your SEO scores.

Know the Point of Your Message – It’s hard to write one word if you don’t know in advance what the message is. What do you want the reader to take away from reading the content? That’s the message and the point.  Continue reading “Use Formatting To Boost Your SEO Score”

Don’t Forget To SEO Images

Using images is an important part of ensuring that your audience reads and understands your content. An image or a video can help with understanding and make the content even more compelling, useful, and valuable to your audience.

Include Images in Your Content – An image will make all the difference for your audience because it will get their attention. When you pick an image for content that image will often show up when people share the content which helps get more eyes on it.  Continue reading “Don’t Forget To SEO Images”